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We at Abood Law Firm understand that it is essential to get an attorney involved in your legal issues, as early as possible. If you are dealing with legal problems you should contact us immediately.

Here is what the East Lansing and Birmingham Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys at Abood Law Firm will bring to your case:


As experienced attorneys, we will leverage our knowledge of the law to advise you of the best course of action to pursue in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your legal issues.


There are often issues that only an experienced attorney would recognize to be advantageous to your case. Without an attorney who is experienced in the area of your particular legal concern, you could be overlooking opportunities to win your case and achieve your desired outcome.

Abood Law Firm has offices in East Lansing and Birmingham, MI. and we are experienced in defending clients throughout the state of Michigan in a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Criminal Defense & OWI / DUI Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Divorce, Child Custody & Family Law


Most legal clients have the same fundamental concerns. First of all, they are concerned about their families and/or their liberty, as well as, the affect their legal issues may have on their lives––public, private and professional. It is our job to help alleviate your concerns and to pursue a strategy that is best for you and your family, and that ultimately protects your liberty and future.


Legal processes can be complex and are not always necessarily fair. So, you need an attorney to advocate on your behalf and to ensure that your concerns are heard and that you are treated fairly.

How your case is received will largely depend on how it is presented to the court. When you need to express to the court that you are a good father, husband, friend, and a law-abiding citizen, having someone else to advocate on your behalf can determine whether the court believes you, or not.


It's not enough that you have an experienced attorney or a clever attorney, you need the right attorney. Someone you are comfortable with and in whom you can put your trust. A good attorney not only defends and protects his client's rights, he also supports them emotionally throughout the legal process.


You need an attorney who not only knows the legal system inside out, but who is empathetic and can put himself into his client's shoes. Our criminal defense attorneys understand that we represent real people with real problems which enable them to represent our clients in the same manner in which they would want to be represented.

Our Awards

Jeffrey Lance Abood recognized as a Top 40 Lawyer Under 40 by the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA) in 2016.Abood Law Firm recognized as a Top Ten National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA) in 2014Abood Law Firm recognized as one of Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2015Abood Law Firm recognized as one of the top ten client satisfaction firms by the AIOFLAAbood Law Firm recognized as one of the top ten client satisfaction firms by the AIOFLA

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Criminal Defense

Being arrested, even for a minor offense, can have long-term consequences on the rest of your life. But by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may be able to successfully defend the charges, or at the very least, minimize the consequences that a guilty verdict will have on your life (and consequently on the lives of others who count on you).

Be it for assault, theft, OWI / DUI, drug charges, murder or a suspended license, our criminal defense attorneys leverage their knowledge of the law to ensure the best possible outcome. Serious felony or misdemeanor, our criminal defense lawyers lawyers will work tirelessly to protect your legal rights and your freedom.

Personal Injury law

No one wants to be in an accident. However, if it happens to you, you will need sound legal advice. Our personal injury lawyers represent people in a variety of personal injury matters including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • No-fault insurance claims
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog Bite Cases

Being injured in an accident can leave you in serious financial hardship. This is why you deserve and require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who will seek maximum compensation for the losses you have sustained. Our law firm has extensive experience in personal injury cases and are here to help you obtain compensation from all negligent parties.

Family Law, Divorce & Child Custody

Whether you are going through a divorce or in a dispute over custody or child support, legal issues involving your family can bring your world to a standstill.

We are committed to protecting your rights, preserving your standard of living, and most importantly, helping you move forward with the least amount of collateral damage to you and your family.

Some family law attorneys will tell you what you want to hear and never fully understand the tremendous this is taking on you and everyone else involved. This is not the case at the Abood Law Firm. Instead, we will explain your options, and advise you of a best and worst-case scenario. Together, we will discuss what is in your family’s best interest, and decide on the best course of action to achieve that.

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