December 2008

Tieber teaming up with Abood Law Firm

Longtime appellate attorney F. Martin Tieber will be working on cases with the Abood Law Firm, the East Lansing firm said. Tieber, who has being doing criminal appeals for more than three decades, is a former president of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan and a co-founder of Cooley Law School’s Innocence Project.



November 2008

Peterson gets out from under the gun

A day after a law was passed to supposedly pave the way for his prosecution on a murder charge, Drew Peterson slipped out of court a free man when a judge dropped the felony gun rap he faced.


Judge dismisses weapons charges against Peterson

A jubilant Drew Peterson hugged and kissed his attorneys Thursday after they persuaded a Will County judge to dismiss two felony weapons charges that could have sent him to prison for up to five years. “There was a potential to put me in prison for this. This is a happy day for me,” Peterson said outside the Joliet courthouses after embracing his attorneys, Joel Brodsky and Andrew Abood.


Lawyers say Peterson felony charge ‘unfair’

The cops are picking on Drew Peterson, his lawyers say, and are so intent on meting out punishment that they unfairly pinned a felony on him. Andrew Abood claimed a statement made by the spokesman for the attorney’s office showed the vindictive nature of the case.