Author: Andrew Abood

Is it a Crime to Leave a Child in a Car That is Too Hot?

A deceased child in a car

This is the time of the year when babies and young children are left by mistake in cars with the windows rolled up. If the temperature rises beyond a critical level, there is a good chance that the small child

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How Domestic Violence Affects Child Custody Provisions in Michigan

domestic violence impact on child custody

Domestic violence affects a third of all families in Michigan to one extent or another. It is understandable that where persistent domestic violence has been a feature in a family where there are children that it could affect decisions about

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Can You be Arrested for DUI in Your Own Driveway in Michigan?

DUI on home property

The Michigan Supreme Court recently made a decision which could have considerable bearing on cases beyond the state’s borders, as the implications sink in. It appears that a legal precedent has been set that someone who chooses to drink and

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What Can You Do if Involved in a Hit and Run Accident?

Hit & Run Accident in Michigan

Hit and run accidents are some of the worst case scenario type accidents to happen in Michigan, and unfortunately they are all too common. If you are the person hit by a vehicle while out of your own vehicle, you

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Weakest Link in the Chain May Mean Thousands of DUI Cases Overturned in Massachusetts

DUI Alcotest 9150

Were you charged with DUI at anytime between 2012 and 2014? Are you either awaiting a decision or were convicted of DUI? It is possible that your case may be overturned as a result of a district court ruling on

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